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Acez Software LLC is a company that has been developing screen savers for millions of users world wide for the past 17 years. With experience in software development, we decided to focus development of making apps for the Android and IOS Operating system.

Over the past several years, Acez Software LLC has developed 5 education apps specifically for children. Our vision of the future includes continued development of more educational apps with a goal of helping children learn. Our apps can be found at our web site .

Our strategy for growth is to increase market penetration with our existing products by releasing new versions of the software that contain enhancements based on user comments and input. We will also promote in markets like Nook Color, Amazon, and the Play Marketplace.

At Acez Software LLC, we care very much about the development and wellbeing of children. We believe that new technologies such as tablets, phones and computers can provide excellent new ways of learning that will have a positive impact on the children's overall academic skills. Our vision of the future includes development of these educational apps that are fun while helping children learn.

If you have any questions please contact Bryan at the e-mail below. Thanks!